IDW '18

Plenary Sessions

date time session room
Wed., Dec. 12 9:30-9:50 Opening Shirotori Hall
9:50-9:55 IDW 25th Ceremony for Certificate of Appreciation
9:55-11:55 Keynote Addresses


Keynote Addresses :

Wed., Dec. 12  9:55-11:55  Shirotori Hall

Chair: H. Kumomi (Program Chair, IDW ’18)
Co-Chair: A. Mikami (General Chair, IDW ’18)

Keynote Address-1 Human Visual Processing in Driving
K. Okajima (Yokohama Nat. Univ., Japan)
Keynote Address-2 OLED, Change Your Lifestyle
S. Y. Yoon (LG Display, Korea)
Keynote Address-3 Touching with Feeling: Integrating Haptics with Touch Display
E. Colgate (Northwestern Univ., USA)

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