IDW '18

Workshop on Flexible Electronics

date time session   room
Wed., Dec. 12 13:20-13:25   Opening Room 222
13:25-14:40 FLX1 Wearable Sensors and Devices
16:40-17:40 FLX2 Organic Electronics Technologies Reception Hall 1
Thu., Dec. 13 14:20-16:50 FLXp1 Flexible Electronics Technologies Event Hall
14:20-16:50 FLXp2/LCTp5 Flexible LCD Technologies
17:10-18:30 FLX3/LCT5 Advanced Flexible Displays Reception Hall 2
Fri., Dec. 14 9:00-10:05 FLX4 Advanced Process and Evaluation Technologies
10:40-12:00 FLX5/FMC7 Advanced Materials and Components for Flexible Electronics


FLX1 : Wearable Sensors and Devices

Wed., Dec. 12  13:25-14:40  Room 222

Chair: T. Kamata (AIST, Japan)
Co-Chair: T. Nagase (Osaka Pref. Univ., Japan)

FLX1-1 Invited Novel Smart Apparel Technology Based on Stretchable Electronics and Its Applications
I. Amimori, O. Sawanobori, M. Nakajima (Xenoma, Japan)
FLX1-2 Invited Flexible Self-Sufficient Energy System for Wearable Electronics
T. Tomono (Toppan Printing, Japan)
FLX1-3 Invited Development of Flexible Sheet Sensor for Evaluating Wind Pressure Distribution
S. Kanazawa, H. Ushijima (AIST, Japan)

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FLX2 : Organic Electronics Technologies

Wed., Dec. 12  16:40-17:40  Reception Hall 1

Chair: M. Ito (Toppan Printing, Japan)
Co-Chair: H. Endo (NEC, Japan)

FLX2-1 Invited Development of Polymer Semiconductors Towards Simpler Fabrication Process in Flexible Electronics
T. Murase, Y. Takeda*, R. Shiwaku*, H. Matsui*, D. Kumaki*, S. Tokito* (Mitsubishi Chem., Japan, *Yamagata Univ., Japan)
FLX2-2 Manufacture of Organic Transistors on Large-Area Flexible Substrate Using Direct Imaging Exposure System by Wet Process Suitable for Roll to Roll Production
S. Koizumi, M. Hori, Y. Hayashida, K. Naito, S. Kawabata, Y. Ishigaki, M. Nakazumi, K. Iwahori, Y. Kito (Nikon, Japan)
FLX2-3 Withdrawn
FLX2-4L Development of High Gas Barrier Film Using Novel Precursor by Roll to Roll PECVD
K. Taira, T. Suzuki, W. Konno, H. Chiba*, H. Itoh**, M. Koden, T. Takahashi, T. Furukawa (Yamagata Univ., Japan, *TOSOH, Japan, **TEIJIN, Japan)

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FLX3/LCT5 : Advanced Flexible Displays

Thu., Dec. 13  17:10-18:30  Reception Hall 2

Chair: M. Kimura (Nagaoka Univ. of Tech., Japan)
Co-Chair: T. Eguchi (Sumitomo Bakelite, Japan)

FLX3/LCT5-1 Invited Technology Advances for Flexible Transparent AMOLED and Electronics
M.-H. Yang, Y.-T. Tsai, J.-C. Ho, S. Chiu, C.-C. Lee (ITRI, Taiwan)
FLX3/LCT5-2 6.9-in. Flexible Transparent Display Using by SALC Technology and Applications
C. C. Chiou, C. H. Chen, J. T. Lian (Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Taiwan)
FLX3/LCT5-3 The Research and Design of Transparency Hole Screen
X. Zhou, G. Lai, H. Wu, H. Zhou, J. Liu, X. Yang, X. Lan, Y. Yang, P. Shen, J. Li (Xiamen Tianma Microelect., China)
FLX3/LCT5-4L Formation Mechanism of Polymer Layered Structure in Polymer-Dispersed LCs with Anisotropic UV Irradiation
Y. Horii, T. Ishinabe, Y. Shibata, H. Fujikake (Tohoku Univ., Japan)

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FLX4 : Advanced Process and Evaluation Technologies

Fri., Dec. 14  9:00-10:05  Reception Hall 2

Chair: Y. Mishima (JAPERA, Japan)
Co-Chair: K. Uemura (Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, Japan)

FLX4-1 Invited High Performance Flexible TFT Technology Prepared by Low Temperature Process
J. Peng (South China Univ. of Tech., China)
FLX4-2 Analysis of Mechanical Stresses on Foldable Devices
N. Ando, K. Hyodo, H. Sasaki, Y. Ota (YUASA Sys., Japan)
FLX4-3 R2R Fabrication of Thin-Film Coatings on Ultra-Thin Glass for Flexible Devices
M. Junghaehnel, M. Fahland, T. Preussner (Fraunhofer Inst. for Organic Elect., Germany)

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FLX5/FMC7 : Advanced Materials and Components for Flexible Electronics

Fri., Dec. 14  10:40-12:00  Reception Hall 2

Chair: T. Furukawa (Yamagata Univ., Japan)
Co-Chair: A. Fujita (JNC, Japan)

FLX5/FMC7-1 Thin and High-Quality ITO/Ag Alloy/ITO Structure for Display Electrodes
Y. Toshimori, S. Nonaka, T. Nagase (Mitsubishi Materials, Japan)
FLX5/FMC7-2 Improvement of Mura and CD by Adjusting Black Matrix Component in G8.6 TFT-LCD Color Filter
R. Wang, D. Zhang, D. Lei, X. Wang, J. Hung, J. Hsu, W. Chen, Y. Lu (Chongqing HKC Optoelect. Tech., China)
FLX5/FMC7-3 Black Photoresist Achieving Patterns with Extremely Low Reflection and Smooth Line Edge on Flexible Substrate
A. Igawa, M.-A. Hsu* (eChem Solutions Japan, Japan, *Consistent Elect. Materials, Taiwan)
FLX5/FMC7-4 The Effects of Surfactants and Dielectrophoresis on the Electrical Property of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Films
C. Wei, Z.-L. Yan (Tatung Univ., Taiwan)

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Poster FLXp1 : Flexible Electronics Technologies

Thu., Dec. 13  14:20-16:50  Event Hall

FLXp1-1 Flexible Oxide Thin-Film Transistor with High Process Temperature by Means of Peel-off and Transfer Method
J. B. Ko, S.-H. Lee, T.-I. Lee, T.-S. Kim, H. Kim*, S.-H. K. Park (KAIST, Korea, *DAVO C&M, Korea)
FLXp1-2 Study of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Transistors with Different Blending Materials
Y.-W. Wang, W.-C. Su, W.-K. Lin*, M. T. Chung, T. M. Chen, K.-C. Fan, M.-H. Chih, N.-H. Ho, Y.-H. Cheng, J.-H. Lin (Nat. Changhua Univ. of Education, Taiwan, *Nat. Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan)
FLXp1-3 Organic-inorganic Hybrid Gate Dielectrics with Improved Dielectric Properties via UV Treatment for Flexible Electronics
J. S. Hur, J. O. Kim, H. A. Kim, J. K. Jeong (Hanyang Univ., Korea)
FLXp1-4 Ultrathin Flexible Organic Thin Film Transistors by Water-Debonding Process
J. M. Kim, J. Oh, K.-M. Jung, K. C. Park*, J.-H. Jeon**, Y.-S. Kim (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea, *Konkuk Univ., Korea, **Korea Aerospace Univ., Korea)
FLXp1-5 Folding Stability of Organic-Inorganic Multilayer Near Neutral Plane
S. Ham, S. Kim, S. Cho (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea)
FLXp1-6 Withdrawn
FLXp1-7 A Study on a Characteristics of Hybrid Window Substrate for Foldable OLED Display
J.-K. Choi, B.-M. Park, K.-Y. Han (Dankook Univ., Korea)
FLXp1-8 Deposition and Characterization of ITO Thin Films on Cellulose Nanofiber Paper
H. Tambo, M. Nasuno, T. Obata, S. Iwatsubo (Toyama Ind. Tech. R&D Ctr., Japan)
FLXp1-9L Electromechanical Stability of Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon (LTPS) Transistor (TFT) Embedding on Plastic Films
C. Park (China Star Optoelect. Semiconductor Display Tech., China)
FLXp1-10L High Gas Barrier Films with Heterogeneous Multilayer
T. Suzuki, W. Konno, K. Taira, H. Chiba*, H. Itoh**, M. Koden, T. Takahashi, T. Furukawa (Yamagata Univ., Japan, *TOSOH, Japan, **TEIJIN, Japan)
FLXp1-11L High Bending Resistant Al-Nd Alloy Thin Film for Gate Electrode
Y. Teramae, C. Kura, Y. Tauchi, H. Goto*, H. Okuno* (Kobe Steel, Japan, *Kobelco Res. Inst., Japan)

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Poster FLXp2/LCTp5 : Flexible LCD Technologies

Thu., Dec. 13  14:20-16:50  Event Hall

FLXp2/LCTp5-1L Evaluation of Holding Effect of Cell Gap in Curved Flexible LCDs with Polymer Spacers
S. Takahashi, Y. Shibata, T. Ishinabe, H. Fujikake (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
FLXp2/LCTp5-2L Evaluation of Mechanical Durability and Self-Recovery Property of Liquid Crystal Gels for Stretchable Displays
R. Saito, Y. Shibata, T. Ishinabe, H. Fujikake (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
FLXp2/LCTp5-3L Fabrication Technique of Flexible Liquid Crystal Display Using In-Plane Micro-Contact Printing Electrode
M. Kataoka, H. Okada (Univ. of Toyama, Japan)

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