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IDW '15 Best Paper Award Winners


LCT1-2 Reflective Color LCDs with High Image Quality Using LTPS TFTs in Low Frequency Driving
H. Yamaguchi, Y. Kawata, Y. Matsuura, M. Akiyoshi, K. Takebayashi, T. Sano, A. Murayama, Y. Fukunaga, M. Tamaki, M. Mitsui, N. Takasaki, T. Nakamura, Y. Aoki, H. Hayashi (Japan Display, Japan)
FMC3-2 High Resolution Printed Patterning by Using Seamless Roller Mold (SRM) Technology
T. Tanaka, T. Kitada, M. Abe, N. Ito, M. Oshikata, M. Ataka*, T. Kishiro*, S. Matsui** (Asahi Kasei, Japan, *Holon, Japan, **Univ. of Hyogo, Japan)
PH1-4L White LEDs Using Sharp β-sialon:Eu Phosphor and K2SiF6:Mn Phosphor for Wide-Color Gamut Display Application
K. Yoshimura, H. Fukunaga, M. Izumi, M. Masuda, T. Uemura, K. Takahashi*, R.-J. Xie*, N. Hirosaki* (Sharp, Japan, *NIMS, Japan)
FED2-3 Electrostatic-Focusing FEA-HARP Image Sensor with Volcano-Structured Spindt-Type FEA
Y. Honda*'**, M. Nanba*, K. Miyakawa*, M. Kubota*, M. Nagao***, Y. Neo**, H. Mimura**, N. Egami**** (*NHK, Japan, **Shizuoka Univ., Japan, ***AIST, Japan, ****Kinki Univ., Japan)
OLED3-1 Molecular Design of High Efficiency Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent Emitters
D. R. Lee, S. K. Jeon, W. Song, J. Y. Lee (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea)
3D5-4 Floating Image Display Based on a Dihedral Corner Reflector Array
Y. Maeda (Parity Innovations, Japan)
3D6-2 Aerial Imaging by Retro-Reflection with Transparent Retro-Reflector (AIRR with TRR)
Y. Tokuda*'**, K. Onuki*, M. Takahashi*, S. Onose*, T. Okamoto*, M. Hirose**, H. Yamamoto*'*** (*Utsunomiya Univ., Japan, **Univ. of Tokyo, Japan, ***CREST, Japan)
VHF2-4L Implications of the Number of Local Dimming Zones and Native LCD Contrast on Visual Quality of HDR Displays
D. M. Hoffman, N. Stepien, W. Xiong (Samsung Display, USA)
PRJ2-4L High-Speed 8-bit Image Projector at 1,000 fps with 3 ms Delay
Y. Watanabe, G. Narita, S. Tatsuno, T. Yuasa*, K. Sumino*, M. Ishikawa (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan, *Tokyo Electron Device, Japan)
EP2-3 Investigation of Electrodeposition Behavior and Its Optical Characterization of Ag Deposition-Based Multicolor EC Device
R. Onodera, A. Tsuboi, K. Nakamura, N. Kobayashi (Chiba Univ., Japan)
MEET1-2 Next Generation Display Technology: Quantum Dot LEDs
J. R. Manders*, L. Qian*, A. Titov*, J. Hyvonen*, K. P. Acharya*, J. Tokarz-Scott*, Y. Yang*, W. Cao*, Y. Zheng*, J. Xue**, P. H. Holloway*'** (*NanoPhotonica, USA, **Univ. of Florida, USA)
DES2-2 Transparent Liquid Crystal Display with Three States; Transparent State, White State and Black State
Y. Iyama, T. Sasaki, I. Aoyama, K. Hanaoka, T. Ishihara, M. Yashiki, K. Takase, H. Miyata, H. Yoshida (Sharp, Japan)
FLX5-3 High-Mobility Short-Channel Organic Transistors with Photolithography-Patterned Top Electrodes
T. Uemura, T. Sekitani (Osaka Univ., Japan)
INP1-1 Integrated Solutions of Electromagnetic Touch Sensor
F. Lu, C.-M. Liu*, Y.-K. Lin*, S.-L. Jin, Q.-J. Yao, H.-S. Wu*, Y. Wu, T.-Y. Wu, C.-M. Liu*, J. Ma (Shanghai Tianma Micro-Elect., China, *KYE Systems, Taiwan)



IDW '15 Outstanding Poster Paper Award Winners


LCTp2-7 Film Substrate Which Needs No Alignment Layer for LC Molecules
T. Araishi, Y. Yoshida, Y. Kimura, S. Ishihara (Osaka Inst. of Tech., Japan)
LCTp3-4L Mechanism of Low Driving Voltage in Polymer Stabilized Reverse Mode Cell
K. Inoue, R. Yamaguchi (Akita Univ., Japan)
LCTp5-12L Fabrication of Flexible Ultra-Thin Liquid Crystal Devices Using Coat-Debond Plastic Substrates with Etched Post Spacers
Y. Obonai, T. Ishinabe, H. Fujikake (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
LCTp6-4 Tunable Optical Deflector with Fresnel Type of LC Device
G. Shibuya, H. Yoshida, M. Ozaki (Osaka Univ., Japan)
AMDp1-2 Correlation Among Crystal Morphology, Surface Shape, and Oxygen Vacancy Formations in In-Ga-Zn Oxide
M. Nakashima, T. Hiramatsu, E. Kikuchi, Y. Yamada, M. Oota, K. Dairiki, S. Yamazaki (Semiconductor Energy Lab., Japan)
AMDp1-3 Behavior of a-IGZTO TFTs with BCE Structures Containing Floating Metal Electrodes
M. Ochi, S. Morita, H. Goto, T. Kugimiya, M. Kanamaru*, M. N. Fujii**, Y. Uraoka** (Kobe Steel, Japan, *Kobelco Res. Inst., Japan, **NAIST, Japan)
AMDp1-16L Reliability Improvement of Amorphous InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistors by Less Hydroxyl-Groups Siloxane Passivation
C. Kulchaisit, Y. Ishikawa, M. N. Fujii, H. Yamazaki, J. P. S. Bermundo, S. Ishikawa*, T. Miyasako*, H. Katsui*, K. Tanaka*, K. Hamada*, Y. Uraoka (NAIST, Japan, *JSR, Japan)
AMDp1-20L Reliability and Performance Study of ZnO Co-Sputtered InGaZnO Thin Film Transistors Under Various Ambient Conditions
N. Tiwari, R. N. Chauhan, P.-T. Liu, H.-P. D. Shieh (Nat. Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan)
FMCp3-3 Fabrication of Quasi-Black Mask for LCDs by Selective Coating Technique Using an Electro-Spray Deposition Method
Y. Kudoh, Y. Uchida, T. Takahashi (Kogakuin Univ., Japan)
PHp1-8L Continuous Hydrothermal Synthesis of YVO4:Eu,Bi Nanophosphor Using Flow Channel and Microwave Heating
T. Kunimoto, Y. Fujita, H. Okura* (Tokushima Bunri Univ., Japan, *Merck, Japan)
PHp1-16L First Principle Calculations for Estimating Charge Transfer State Energy of Eu3+ Centers in Ionic and Covalent Host Materials
R. Yoshimatsu*'**, M. Okada*, T. Ishigaki***, K. Ohmi*, S. Watanabe**** (*Tottori Univ., Japan, **Denka, Japan, ***TiFREC, Japan, ****Nagoya Univ., Japan)
OLEDp1-2 Inorganic High Gas Barrier Films Deposited by PECVD Using a Novel Precursor, TG-4E, for OLED Devices
H. Chiba, K. Tokuhisa (Tosoh, Japan)
OLEDp1-17L Enhanced Efficiency and Stability of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with a P-I-N-P Structure
L. Zhang, Z.-K. Wang, L.-S. Liao (Soochow Univ., China)
OLEDp1-20L Low Operating Voltage Vertical Organic Light-Emitting Transistor Using Oriented Molecular Thin Film
S. Kobayashi, H. Fukagawa*, K. Kudo**, Y. Watanabe (Tokyo Univ. of Sci. Suwa, Japan, *NHK, Japan, **Chiba Univ., Japan)
3Dp1-4 Comparisons of Viewing Depth Enhancement in Integral Imaging System Operated with Double Lens Arrays and Double Liquid Crystal Lens Arrays
W.-Y. Lu, C.-R. Sheu (Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan)
3Dp1-6 How to Converge Long Wave-Length Sound by Small-Aperture Crossed-Mirror Array
R. Kujime*, H. Mizushina*'**, S. Suyama*, H. Yamamoto*'** (*Tokushima Univ., Japan, **Utsunomiya Univ., Japan)
3Dp1-21L Design and Light Modulation of Sub-micron LC Pixels with Dielectric Shield Walls for Wide-Angle Holographic Displays
Y. Isomae, T. Ishinabe, H. Fujikake (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
VHFp1-6 Development and Application of Hyperspectral Two-Dimension Display
M. Saika, K. Yoshida, T. Satoh, M. Yamada, K. Uchikawa* (Topcon, Japan, *Tokyo Inst. of Tech., Japan)
PRJp1-5L Waveguide-Type Red-Green-Blue Laser Beam Combiners Integrated with Semiconductor Lasers
A. Nakao, K. Tsujino, S. Yokokawa, S. Tanaka, S. Hayashiguchi, T. Katsuyama (Univ. of Fukui, Japan)
EPp1-6L Memory Effect Cancelling of Twisting Ball Display via Space-Charge Polarization
Y. Komazaki, T. Torii (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
FLXp2-3L Thermal Analysis of Oxide Thin Film Transistor with Fluorinated Silicon Nitride Gate Insulator
H. Yamazaki, Y. Ishikawa, M. N. Fujii, J. P. S. Bermundo, E. Takahashi*, Y. Andoh*, Y. Uraoka (NAIST, Japan, *Nissin Elec., Japan)
DESp2-1L AR Marker Available on Foldable Surfaces
H. Sasanuma, Y. Manabe, N. Yata (Chiba Univ., Japan)


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