IDW '22



The IDW '22 Exhibition covers materials, components, manufacturing and measuring equipment, software systems, and other related products for display devices.
We will hold an on-site exhibition of display-related technologies in conjunction with the IDW '22 conference for the first time in three years.

Metaverse Venue

We will set up an IDW '22 metaverse venue in the virtual space. You can communicate with the exhibitor by voice chat. Participation in the metaverse venue does not require the installation of VR equipment or applications, and you can easily participate from a web browser. You can check the image of the metaverse system that we use from here. (YouTube: Please use the auto-translation function.)

Date & Place (on-site exhibition)
Date: December 14-16, 2022
Place: Fukuoka International Congress Center
Exhibition Hours
Wednesday, December 14 12:40-18:00
Thursday, December 15 10:00-18:00
Friday, December 16 10:00-14:00

(as of November 20, 2022)

  • IDTechEx
  • Physix Technology Inc.
  • Restar Communications Corporation
  • Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Solidray Co., Ltd.
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • Tosoh Corporation
  • UBI Research
  • Zeon Corporation
  • Mutsu Lab., Ryukoku Extension Ctr., Ryukoku Univ.
  • SID Japan Student Chapter
  • Maeda Lab., Tokai Univ.
  • Yamamoto & Mizushina Lab., Tokushima Univ.
  • Yamamoto Lab., Utsunomiya Univ.
  • Hashilus Co., Ltd.
  • Hitachi, Ltd., R&D Group, Advanced Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center
  • Hitachi, Ltd., R&D Group, Instrumentation Innovation Center
  • Research & Development Ctr. for Five-Sense Devices, Kyushu Univ.
  • SID Japan Student Chapter
  • Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • Yamamoto Lab., Utsunomiya Univ.
  • Zeon Corporation
Exhibition Contents
MiNY PL is an inspection system for micro LED wafers utilizing photoluminescence(PL) measurement method. This is a non-contact, non-destructive method for evaluating LED characteristics by imaging the light emitted from LEDs by photoexcitation and enables automatic screening of LED defects on wafers using the measurement results of "emission wavelength", "PL intensity", and ""appearance".
3 main features of MiNY PL are as follows.
· Detects abnormalities in luminescence and wavelength that cannot be detected by Automated Optical Inspection(AOI).
· Enables 100% inspection, which is not possible with electroluminescence(EL) inspection.
· Enables inspection in the front-end of the manufacturing process, contributing to higher yields.
IDTechEx has provided independent market research, business intelligence on emerging technologies. We have more than 160 research reports and subscription service which customers access our full body of market, technology and company data through our online portal in combination with direct analyst engagement.
We have recently released new research report titled "Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Headsets 2023-2033: Technologies, Players, and Markets". It covers XR headsets, sensors, haptics, displays, optics and associated technologies for the metaverse and more. Players, forecasts and analysis in the VR, AR, and MR markets. Please visit our booth and check our service.
Physix Technology Inc.  
Physix Technology is a provider of state-of the art TechnoTeam equipment in Japan. We have a range of high-precision instruments for measuring luminance and light distribution.
We will have live demonstration using LMK6, luminance measuring video phometer of which dynamic range is 1:10000000 (~140 dB). TechnoTeam is here to support your technical demand. Please stop by our booth.
Shintech offers design simulator and measurement instruments for LC based optical devices. The simulator tell us how to control the propagating light using LC, optical films, periodic structures, and others. The measurement machines determine the LC cell parameters and optical anisotropy of your prototypes or product devices. Our solutions accelerate your research, development, manufacture, and your business.
Application areas: LCD, OLED, VR, AR, Optical communications
Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd  
Almost all manufacturers of displays use the Silvaco suite for design and most of these designs are in high-volume manufacturing. Silvaco has a complete flow from TCAD-to-Signoff for display design. Through many years of collaboration with display manufacturers, we have shared and worked together to solve issues in display development, design, and manufacturing. Please visit our booth to get to know our solutions, not just our products. You will find the solutions to the problems you are facing. Experienced engineers familiar with display technology are also available for consultation.
Solidray Co., Ltd.  
For over 35 years, Solidray Co., Ltd. develops VR systems for businesses in various fields such as R&D, safety education, and entertainment. We will exhibit the 3D position measurement system "Viper" (manufactured by Polhemus) with "Omega Space"(Our original software for VR construction and experience). 3D position measurement is one of the indispensable elemental technologies used in like Head Tracking and Motion Capture in VR systems.
TOPCON TECHNOHOUSE CORPORATION have been offering optical measurement instrument for flat panel display, automotive and an integrated precision equipment company as their luminance, chromaticity and radiance standard. 2D spectroradiometer SR-5100 series built in self-developed and manufactured spectral filter with 5M pixel CMOS sensor enables to measure 5 million points accurate spectral data with one measurement. Also all new spectroradiometer SR-5A provides super high speed low luminance measurement with high useability by touch panel operation. In addition, new 2D uniformity analyzer UA-20 with 24.5MP CMOS will bring you extraordinary optical inspection productivity especially for manufacturing in line process. Please visit our booth at Fukuoka International Congress Center to know more about our products. We will exhibit at IDW '22 metaverse exhibition as well. We will attend at the metaverse venue at following time.
Toshiba Corporation  
We will demonstrate colorless and transparent photoluminescence materials which involve our novel Eu(III) complexes and/or Tb(III) complexes in a polymer. They are colorless and transparent and are invisible under room light. And when irradiated by ultraviolet light, they emit pure color. They have potential uses in emission devices like micro LED display, security media, sensors, and many other applications. We explain these devices in the following schedule.
Session: Dec. 14 13:00-13:20, Room 413 (FMC1-1) We will exhibit at IDW '22 metaverse exhibition as well. We will attend at the metaverse venue at following time.
Thr. Dec. 15 9:30-10:30 Product introduction
Tue. Dec. 20 16:00-17:30 Demonstration
Tosoh Corporation  
Tosoh is an international supplier of high-purity thin-film deposition (sputtering targets) materials. We developed a new high purity GaN sputtering targets (metal impurities of 5N). Highly crystalline GaN film can be obtained with our new GaN target. Please visit our booth to touch GaN sputtering target.
UBI Research  
UBI Research has been a leading OLED market and technology consulting company for over 20 years and has accumulated a variety of databases related to OLEDs. We publish OLED industry report, market track in multiple fields, and provide an optimal consulting service for clients interested in OLED business. In this exhibition, we will introduce our reports and market tracks issued in 2022 and also introduce "OLED KOREA" which is an international conference held every April. We look forward to seeing you at IDW' 22!
Zeon Corporation  
ZeonorFilm is a plastic film formed by sheet extrusion using Zeon's cyclo olefin polymers (COP) as a raw material. It has been described as a plastic that comes closest to glass in terms of properties such as low water absorbency and low moisture permeability, which typical plastics do not exhibit.
The excellent optical stability that comes from Zeon's proprietary precision processing technology makes it useful for a broad range of applications, including displays.