IDW '22


Instructions for Attendees

The conference will be held in a hybrid style (in-person, on-demand and metaverse). Presenters and attendees can discuss directly and also use text chat tools.
All the proceedings and poster PDFs will be open to the conference attendees from 8:00 AM (JST) on December 14, 2022. The recorded oral session videos will be available to attendees until late January 2023.

Format of Session

Oral Sessions

  • Presenters will make their presentation in-person or online.
  • Immediately after the allotted session, an "Extended Q&A" where the presenter and attendees participating in-person can communicate with each other will be provided.
  • Attendees can join in-person and also view the recorded session.
  • The recorded sessions will be usually available on-demand within 24 hours after the end of each session.

Poster Sessions

  • Poster PDFs will be open to the conference attendees as soon as the conference begins.
  • Presenters will present a printed poster at the conference site and will interact with attendees in-person.
  • Short presentation will be given in-person (EP and FMC workshops only).
  • Attendees can discuss with presenters who cannot join in-person via the online text chat tool on the online program site (Confit).

The following are only available onsite.

  • Live oral session including Q&A (The recorded session videos will be available after the session.)
  • Extended Q&A
  • Night Session
  • Short Presentation (EP and FMC workshops only)
  • I-DEMO
  • Exhibition (onsite)

Special lecture, oral sessions, and exhibition related to metaverse will be held at the IDW '22 Metaverse venue. Attendees can easily enter the venue with their web browser without installing VR equipment or applications. The URL will be available on the online program site (Confit). Attendees can communicate with each other via voice chat. You can check the image of the metaverse venue here. (YouTube: Please use the auto-translation function.)
The awards ceremony, and a panel discussion by Metaverse experts are planned by IDW '22. Detailed information will be announced soon.

Access to Online Contents

IDW '22 program, proceedings, metaverse, recorded oral session videos, and poster PDFs will be available on the online program site (Confit).
After you have registered for the conference, you will receive an email titled "[idw2022] Notice of login information for confit online program". There are a Log-in ID and Password. Should you lose your Password, you may re-set and reissue the Password from "Forgot password?”

Note for In-Person Attendees
  • No registration desk is available at the venue.
  • Bring your printed registration badge which can be downloaded from the registration site.
  • Please bring your PC or tablet etc. with Wi-Fi connectivity to access the Online Program Site (Confit) where you can see the proceedings of the IDW '22 etc.
    Note: Neither a printed program and a USB flash drive containing proceedings will be provided.

COVID-19 Preventive Measures

As of now, the Fukuoka International Congress Center and Fukuoka City have given us the COVID-19 spread of infection prevention guidelines, and we must follow them accordingly to ensure the safety of our attendees. Measures are subject to change depending on the situation. (Last updated: Sep. 1, 2022)
  • Each day a body temperature check will be conducted using thermal cameras upon arrival at the conference site, and those with a body temperature of 37.5°C or higher may not enter the in-person conference.
  • If conference attendees have a fever or cold symptoms, refrain from attending the in-person conference.
  • Conference attendees and staff should always wear masks. Mask may be removed while eating and drinking, but conference attendees should re-mask and refrain from unmasked-in conversations after eating and drinking.
  • After entering a building, using the restroom, or eating, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid loud conversation.
  • Ensure social distancing.
  • The venue will be ventilated frequently.
  • IDW '22 will not provide food and beverages at the Fukuoka International Congress Center. Please use vending machines.
Code of Conduct

Unlawful behavior regarding gender, sexual orientation, disability, race ethnicity, religion, national origin et cetera are strictly prohibited in the IDW '22. Inappropriate behavior that cause damage to patentability, reputation and the honor of the presenter are not allowed in the online/onsite meeting rooms.

IDW '22 prohibits recording, capturing or sharing any parts of the conference or content on the conference platform. Do not cite or reproduce any part of any presentation or video without permission from the presenter.

Sharing your registration with another person(s) is a violation of the Code of Conduct and may result in your access to the event being terminated.