IDW '00 Outstanding Poster Paper Award Winners


LCTp2 - 4 Measurement of Reflective LCD Cell Gap
S. T. Tang, H. S. Kwok (Hong Kong Univ. of Sci. & Tech., Hong Kong)
LCTp3 - 5

A Fast Response Characteristics Associated with a Continuous Electro-optic Effect in Twisted Structures of Achiral Smectic C LCs
J.-Y. Kim, S.-D. Lee (Seoul Nat. Univ., Korea)

AMDp - 8

Polymeric Organic-Inorganic Composite Gate Insulating Materials for TFTs
G. Kim, K. Min*, H. Kim, Y. Hwang, K. Kim (LG Chem., Korea, *Hyundai Elect., Korea)

FMCp - 4

Hologram Color Filter for LC Projection TV
Y. Taniguch (Dai Nippon Printing, Japan)

CRTp - 1

A Photo Cathode Display with Reduced Number of TFT
Y. Sakamoto, H. Tanaka, A. Kuroda*, I. Fukuda (Kanazawa Inst. of Tech., Japan, *NEC View Tech., Japan)

CRTp - 5

A New Method to Design a Rectangular Deflection Coil
Y. Tu, X. Zhang, Y. M. Tang, H. Yin, W. M. van Alphen* (Southeast Univ., China, *Philips Display Comps., The Netherlands)

PDPp2 - 2

Reduction of Discharge Current of PDP by Pulse Variation and Improvement of Efficiency
M. S. Hur, J. K. Lee, C. H. Shon, S. Dastgeer, S. S. Yang (Pohang Univ. of Sci. & Tech., Korea)

PDPp2 - 11

Development of Laser Thomson Scattering Diagnostics for Plasma Display Panel (PDP) Micro-Discharges
Y. Noguchi, A. Matsuoka, M. D. Bowden, K. Uchino, K. Muraoka, K. Wani* (Kyusyu Univ., Japan, *Matsushita Elec. Ind., Japan)

PDPp2 - 12

VUV and IR Space and Time Resolved Emission of AC-PDP Micro Discharges
G. Heusler, M. Klein, R. Snijkers (Philips Res. Labs. Germany)

PDPp4 - 2

Thin PDP Packaging by Glass Bonding Technology and its Driving Properties
D.-J. Lee, B. K. Ju, J.-W. Jeoung*, H.-W. Park, Y.-H. Lee, Y.-J. Kim*, T.-S. Cho**, E.-H. Choi**, J. Jang***, M.-H. Oh (KIST., Korea, *Chungwoon Univ., Korea, **Kwangwoon Univ., Korea, ***Kyunghee Univ., Korea)

PHp - 1

Blue Organic Light Emitting Diodes Based on 2,9-dimethyl-4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline (Bathocuproine)
C. Park, J. Lee, H. Hwang, T. Lee, H. Kim (Yeungnam Univ., Korea)