IDW '19
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Keynote Address

Bringing the New Age Display with Social Innovation
Yasuhisa Itoh (Sharp)

Human Centered Automotive Cockpit HMI
Taro Oike (Mazda Motor)



Invited Address

Artificial Intelligence: from Pixels and Phonemes to Semantic Understanding and Interactions
Achin Bhowmik (Starkey Hearing Techs.)

Monolithic Micro-LED Full-Color Micro-Displays
Kei May Lau (Hong Kong Univ. of S&T)



Invited Talk

Driver Technology for 8K Ultra High Definition TV
Hyun-Wook Lim (Samsung)

Next Generation Video Coding in 8K Era - Versatile Video Coding and AI
Tomohiro Ikai (Sharp)

Novel Liquid Crystal Display Mode “UV2AII” with Photo Alignment Technology for a Large-Screen 8K Display
Shinichi Terashita (Sharp)

Transport of Ions and Electrons in Nanostructured Liquid Crystals for Their New Applications
Takashi Kato (Univ. of Tokyo)

17-in. Laser Backlight LCD with 8K, 120 Hz Driving and BT.2020 Color Gamut
Yoichi Asakawa (Japan Display)

Fundamentals and Applications of Liquid Crystal-Based, Polarization-Dependent Diffractive Optics
Hiroyuki Yoshida (Osaka Univ.)

Emerging Display Devices with Pancharatnam-Berry Optical Elements
Tao Zhan (Univ.of Central Florida)

Challenges and Advantages of Flexible LCD
Shi Yu (Shenzhen China Star Optoelect. Semiconductor Display Tech.)

A Modeling Approach to Investigate the Relationship Between Motion Sickness Severity and Visual Motion
Akira Tanaka (Fukushima Univ.)

Novel Pixel Structure for the Improving Optical Performances of 8K LCD Panel
Kwangsoo Bae (Samsung Display)

Magic Pot: Interactive Metamorphosis of the Perceived Shape
Yuki Ban (Univ. of Tokyo)

Real-World Implementations of Visual Illusions by Using Augmented Reality Techniques
Takahiro Kawabe (NTT)

Innovative Mobile Force Display: Buru-Navi
Hiroaki Gomi (NTT)

The titles are tentative.
Additional invited talks are being arranged.