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I4D Contest

Demonstration Contest for College of Technology Students

(Information in Japanese)

In the IDW ’24, we are introducing a new “I4D Contest” targeting students from colleges of technology (KOSEN). We welcome any demonstrations related to electronic information display technology mentioned in the IDW Scope without specific restrictions. Outstanding demonstrations will be awarded the I4D Best Demonstration Award.

Colleges of Technology (KOSEN)

Colleges of Technology are higher education institutions for junior high school graduates. There are 58 colleges of technology in Japan, and their excellent education system, known as the “KOSEN education system”, has been highly praised domestically and internationally. KOSEN institutions have also been established overseas, including in Mongolia. KOSEN students actively present their research achievements in academic conferences, and their accomplishments in robot contests and programming contests have attracted media attention.

Online Information Session
A video recording of the online information session held on June 5 is available. (link, passcode: i5a!Q5it)

Date 1st Call 2nd Call
July 1 Demo proposal deadline -
Mid. July Acceptance notification -
Aug. 30 - Demo proposal deadline
Mid. September - Acceptance notification
Late September Publish team list on the IDW website
Mid. October Publication material (abstract, picture) deadline
Early November Publish material on the IDW website
Mid. November Short video deadline
Late November Publish video on the IDW website
Dec. 4 afternoon & Dec. 5 morning Setup (Sapporo Convention Center)
Dec. 5   12:30-16:00 Contest (Sapporo Convention Center)
Dec. 5   17:30-18:00 Award ceremony (Sapporo Convention Center)

Three steps for I4D contest

  • Step1: Demo proposal submission
    Please complete the demo proposal form (example) and submit it from here (Google Forms).
    The submitted title and affiliation will be published on the IDW website in late September, but the summary will not be published.
  • Step2: Publication material submission
    Please submit the following information.
    The URL of the submission site will be notified in the acceptance notification.
    The submitted materials will be published on our website and proceedings.
    1. A 100 words abstract
    2. (Recommended) A representative image of the exhibit
      • File format: PNG or JPG
      • Image size: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Step3: Short video submission
    Please submit a 3-minutes video introducing your demonstration.
    The URL of the submission site will be provided after notification of acceptance.
    The submitted video will be published on our website.
  • Individuals or teams composed of colleges of technology students.
  • The primary members must be colleges of technology students, but it is acceptable for individuals affiliated with universities, companies, or other organizations to participate in the team, as long as the demonstrations on the day is conducted by students from colleges of technology.
  • Only one team can apply from each laboratory or club.
  • It is acceptable for the team to be composed of members from multiple laboratories or clubs.
  • Multiple teams can participate from one school.
  • For overseas "KOSEN" institutions, only schools recognized by the National Institute of Technology (NIT) are eligible (such as in Thailand, Mongolia, and Vietnam).

*Please designate a liaison professor who will handle administrative procedures between the team and us. Note that liaison professor cannot be included in the team.


(1) Evaluation Method

The judging will be conducted by an I4D Award Committee. The judges will visit the booths during the contest and evaluate them. The explanation to general attendees will also be considered in the evaluation. Voting by general participants will also be conducted, and the results will be considered in the evaluation.

(2) Evaluation Criteria

  • Technical completeness
  • Originality, innovativeness, and superiority over existing technologies
  • Aesthetic beauty and artistic expression
  • Impact on society, public interest, and welfare
  • Entertainment value and playfulness

(3) Award

I4D Best Demonstration Award
This award is given for the most outstanding demonstration.
I4D Recognition Award
This award is given for the outstanding demonstration that are not technically up to Best.

The award ceremony will be held on December 5th at 17:30.

Support for Contest Participants
  • Production subsidy: 50,000JPY/team. (to be provided approximately two weeks after the acceptance notification.)
  • Travel grants for KOSEN students: 20,000JPY/student up to three members per team. (to be provided on the day of the contest.)
  • Complimentary admission for KOSEN students
  • Complimentary admission for one accompanying professor
Demo environment
  • The official language for the meetings is English. Please prepare posters and materials in English.
  • The standard environment is as follows:
    • Poster board: 2.7 m (W) x 2.1 m (H)
    • Booth area: 2.7 m (W) x 2.1 m (H) x 1.5 m (D)
    • A desk: 1.8 m (W) x 0.7 m (H) x 0.6 m (D)
    • A chair
    • Power: 100V/50Hz, Up to 600W, 15A/two Type-A sockets
    • No partitions will be provided between booths.
    • Darkrooms and soundproof rooms will not be available.
  • All other equipment and expenses for transport, setup, dismantlement, insurance, etc. have to be prepared and paid by teams.

Please complete the demo proposal form (example) and submit it from here (Google Forms).


1st call: July 1, 2024
2nd call: August 30, 2024

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