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Exhibiting at the IDW '20 Exhibition is sure to prove very useful in boosting the presence of your company's products, service and technologies in the display industry, which holds out much hope for future diversity and development.
(Information in Japanese)

Online Exhibition Condition
  1. The official language for the meetings is English. You are therefore requested to provide English language posters and materials.
  2. An "exhibitor page" will be set up for each exhibitor on the IDW '20 virtual conference site. Each exhibitor can choose to use the following method to create their own exhibition page.
    • –  PR texts
    • –  Links to the Website
    • –  Embedded introductory video
    • –  Lnks to the introductory video
    • –  Links to the online meeting. (Exhibitors are requested to prepare their own webinars and web meetings.)
  3. Layout of the exhibition page is based on IDW's format. The exhibitors cannot change the layout.
  4. Each exhibitor is responsible for the legal protection of their exhibition contents.
  5. The exhibition page will be opened until the end of January.
example of exhibitor page
Exhibition Fee

50,000JPY for the whole exhibition period

Application and Deadline Date

Deadlline: November 10, 2020

Please use the applicaton form.

The IDW '20 secretariat will send you an "exhibitor page posting form", after application. The online exhibition page will be created with the information you have entered.

The details above are subject to change due to meeting programs and other reasons.

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