IDW '04 Outstanding Poster Paper Award Winners


LCTp3 - 1

Evaluation of the Surface Anchoring Strength of the Alignment Film for High Pretilt by Means of the Renormalized Transmission Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
N. Tanaka, M. Kimura, T. Akahane (Nagaoka Univ. of Tech., Japan)

LCTp3 - 3

Characterization of Polyimide Molecular Orientation of LC Alignment Film by Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction
I. Hirosawa (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Res. Inst., Japan)

LCTp4 - 7

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Transient Current of Nematic Liquid Crystals with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy Excited by Step Voltage Application
Y. Iwata, H. Naito, M. Inoue*, H. Ichinose**, M. Klasen-Memmer***, K. Tarumi*** (Osaka Pref. Univ., Japan, *Toyo, Japan, **Merck, Japan, ***Merck, Germany)

LCTp4 - 14L

A Simple Twist-Angle-Measurement Method for a TN Cell Independent of Director Direction
T. Nishioka, T. Satake, T. Kurata, M. Okabe*, M. Kaneko*, T. Maehara* (Mitsubishi Elec., Japan, *Meiryo Technica, Japan)

AMDp - 16

Improvement of LTPS TFT Digital Circuit Performance for System-On-Panel Application
J.-G. Kim, J. H. Hur*, J. Y. Jeong (Univ. of Suwon, Korea, *Anyang Univ., Korea)

AMDp - 22

Bias-Stress Effect on the Performance of OTFT on Plastic Substrate
S. H. Han, S. H. Kim, S. M. Cho*, M. H. Oh*, J. Jang (Kyung Hee Univ., Korea, *Dankook Univ., Korea)

AMDp - 32L

Characteristics of TFTs Fabricated with Tiled-Ribbon-Shaped Thin Silicon Grains
M. Nakata, H. Okumura, H. Kanoh, H. Hayama (NEC, Japan)

AMDp - 33L

Visualization of Single-Shot Excimer-Laser Light-Pulse Profiles
N. Akita, Y. Taniguchi, H. Ogawa, M. Jyumonji, T. Katou, M. Hiramatsu, M. Matsumura (ALTEDEC, Japan)


A Circuit for Testing TFT-Arrays of AMOLED Displays
D. Nakano, Y. Sakaguchi, K. Imura, A. Ohta (IBM Japan)

FMCp - 5

New Rubbing Cloths for Reliable Alignment Process to Manufacture Advanced LCDs
T. Inoue, H. Tabira, Y. Hirota*, K. Nishiguchi* (Hitachi, Japan, *Hayashi Telempu, Japan)

FMCp - 9

Direct LED Backlight System Using Novel High-Refractive Polymer
N. Harada, I. Suehiro, Y. Hotta (Nitto Denko, Japan)

CRTp - 1

A Screen-Printed Cathode with Acicular Conductive Particles
T. W. Kim, J. S. Choi, S. K. Kim, T. M. Jo, Y. J. Youn, H. C. Kim (Samsung SDI, Korea)

PDPp1 - 5

Effect of Subpixel Aspect Ratio on Luminous Efficiency of AC PDPs
H. S. Bae, T. J. Kim, K.-W. Whang (Seoul Nat. Univ., Korea)

PDPp3 - 2

Spatiotemporal Behaviors of Excited Kr Atoms in Kr-Ne Gas Mixtures AC PDP
J.-S. Oh, S. Kawai, K. Tachibana, H. Hatanaka*, Y.-M. Kim* (Kyoto Univ., Japan, *Samsung Advanced Inst. of Tech., Korea)

PDPp3 - 4

Dependence of VUV Band Emission from Xe2* Dimers on Gas Pressure in Fine Pitch AC PDP
K. Ishii, Y. Hirano, Y. Motoyama, Y. Murakami, K. Tachibana* (NHK, Japan, *Kyoto Univ., Japan)

PDPp4 - 2

An Error Diffusion Technique with Reduced Artifacts for Representation of Gray Levels in Dark Areas on PDP
Y. H. Kim, C. W. Kim (Inha Univ., Korea)

PHp - 1

High Brightness Warm-White LED Lamps Using Ca-a-SiAlON Phosphors
K. Sakuma, N. Hirosaki*, N. Kimura, Y. Yamamoto*, R.-J. Xie*, T. Suehiro*, K. Omichi, M. Ohashi, D. Tanaka (Fujikura, Japan, *Nat. Inst. for Materials Sci., Japan)

OLEDp - 9

Improvement of Efficiency and Brightness by Insertion of the Novel Layer in Alq3-Based OLEDs
Y. M. Kim*'**, J. W. Lee*'***, J. S. Park*'***, M. Y. Sung**, J. Jin***, B. K. Ju*, J. K. Kim* (*KIST, Korea, **Korea Univ., Korea, ***Kyunghee Univ., Korea)

OLEDp - 26

A Simulation of Current-Voltage Characteristics for Alq3 Single Layer Organic Light Emitting Diodes
N. Nakamura, A. Takahashi, S. Suwa, T. Wakimoto, M. Kunigita (Asahi Glass, Japan)

OLEDp - 27

Effective Power Reduction in a Non-Emissive State of Passive-Matrix OLED
R. Hattori, S. Ohashi, S. Sugimoto, G. Yip (Kyushu Univ., Japan)

OLEDp - 33L

Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Using Platinum Complexes with N^C^N-Coordinating Tridentate Ligand
T. Satoh, W. Sotoyama, M. Kinoshita, J. Kodama, N. Sawatari, H. Inoue (Fujitsu Labs., Japan)

3Dp - 6L

Switchable 2D/3D Display - Solid Phase Liquid Crystal Microlens Array
J. Harrold, D. J. Wilkes, G. J. Woodgate (Ocuity, UK)

VHFp - 4

Securing Information Display by Use of Multiple Decoding Masks Based on Visual Encryption and Decryption
H. Yamamoto, Y. Hayasaki, N. Nishida (Univ. of Tokushima, Japan)

EPp - 4

Electrochromic Properties of Dimethyl Terephthalate and Its Derivatives for Paper-Like Color Display
H. Urano, S. Sunohara, H. Ohtomo*, N. Kobayashi* (Japan Chem. Innovation Inst., Japan, *Chiba Univ., Japan)