IDW '06 Poster Paper Award Winners


LCTp2 - 3

Alignment of Ferroelectric LC on SiO2 Films by Oblique Ion-Beam Deposition
A. Murauski, X. Li, V. Chigrinov, A. Khokhlov*, E. Khokhlov* (Hong Kong Univ. of S&T, Hong Kong, *IZOVAC, Belarus)

LCTp3 - 9

A Novel Design of the Slit Pattern on the Patterned Vertical Alignment (PVA) Mode
J. H. Son, S. W. Choi, W. R. Lee, K. M. Kim, Y. H. Choi, J. S. Yang, J. J. Lju*, K. H. Kim*, G. D. Lee (Dong-A Univ., Korea, *Samsung Elec., Korea)

LCTp3 - 16

Single-Cell-Gap Transflective TFT-LCD Using Partial Switching
W.-K. Choi, R.-C. Lee, C.-C. Tasi, S.-T. Wu* (Nat. Taiwan Univ., Taiwan, *Univ. of Central Florida, USA)

LCTp3 - 19

Novel Patterned Vertical Alignment LCD for Mobile Application with Excellent Optical Performance and Reliability
J. H. Kim, Y. S. Yeo, W. S. Park, S. K. Lee, S. H. Ahn, C. W. Kim (Samsung Elec., Korea)

LCTp3 - 31L

Design of High Performance Viewing-Angle-Controllable LC Panel
K. Hiyama, R. Ogawa, T. Ishinabe, T. Uchida (Tohoku Univ., Japan)

AMDp - 3

Study on Stability of a-Si TFTs Fabricated by Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition (Cat-CVD) Method
S. Nishizaki, K. Ohdaira, H. Matsumura (JAIST, Japan)

AMDp - 4

High Performance Pentacene OTFTs with Photo-Patterned Gate Dielectric
S. H. Lee, S. H. Han, Y. R. Son, K. J. Lee, W. S. Kim, G. S. Cho, D. J. Choo, J. Jang (Kyung Hee Univ., Korea)

AMDp - 21

Activation Behavior of SLS poly-Si after Ion Shower Doping
B.-J. Jin, S.-J. Oh, D.-H. Kim*, T. Uemoto*, C.-W. Kim*, J.-S. Ro* (Hongik Univ., Korea, *Samsung Elect., Korea)

AMDp - 31L

Effects of Source and Drain Impurity Profile on Breakdown Voltage of High-Performance Si TFTs
S. Tsuboi, G. Kawachi, M. Mitani, T. Okada (Advanced LCD Tech. Dev. Ctr., Japan)

FMCp - 6

Low Temperature Colour Filter Resist for Flexible Displays
G. de Keyzer, D. Hoelzle, L. Craciun*, S. Homma** (Ciba Specialty Chem., Switzerland, *Ciba Specialty Chems., USA, **Ciba Specialty Chems., Japan)

FMCp - 13

A Slim and Bendable Backlight System Manufactured by a Roll-to-Roll Continuous Process
A. Nagasawa, T. Eguchi, Y. Sanai*, K. Fujisawa** (TRADIM, Japan, *Toagosei, Japan, **Kuraray, Japan)

FMCp - 20

Low-Temperature Synthesis of SiO2 Insulator by ICP-CVD Using Tetramethylsilane
H. Furuta, M. Furuta, T. Matsuda, T. Hiramatsu*, T. Hirao (Kochi Univ. of Tech., Japan, *Kochi Casio, Japan)

FMCp - 37L

Micro-Holographic Light Guide Plates in LED BLUs
S. R. Park, O. J. Kwon, S.-H. Song, H.-S. Lee*, H. Y. Choi* (Hanyang Univ., Korea, *Samsung Advanced Inst. of Tech., Korea)

PDPp1 - 10

Relationship between IR Emission of Reset Discharge and Image Retention in AC PDP
Y. S. Do, K. C. Choi (KAIST, Korea)

PDPp1 - 15

Estimation of Efficient Sustain Frequency Using Decay Rate Constant of Xe Metastable Atoms for Xe-Ne Gas Mixtures
J.-S. Oh, M. Hashimoto, K. Tachibana (Kyoto Univ., Japan)

PDPp1 - 19L

Priming Effect of Exoelectrons during 10 Hours in PDPs
T. Sakashita, T. Shiga, S. Mikoshiba (Univ. of Electro-Commun., Japan"" )

PDPp2 - 3

Characteristics of MgO Thick Film Protective Layer
M.-S. Ko, D.-H. Kang*, J.-S. Choi*, Y.-S. Kim (Hongik Univ., Korea, *SAMSUNG SDI, Korea)

PHp - 3

Large-Scale Electronic Structure Calculation of Eu-Doped BaMgAl10O17 - Effects of Defects on Its Luminescence Properties -
H. Onuma*, H. Tanno**, H. Tsuboi*, M. Koyama*, A. Endou*, H. Takaba*, M. Kubo*'***, C. A. Del Carpio*, H. Kajiyama**, T. Shinoda**, A. Miyamoto* (*Tohoku Univ., Japan, **Univ. of Tokyo, Japan, ***JST-PRESTO, Japan)

PHp - 11

Elecroluminescent and Aging Characteristics of TFEL Devices Employing Spin-Coated (Ba,Sr)TiO3 Insulating Layers
M. Yamasaki, Y. Ouchi, K. Tsuji, K. Ohmi, M. Niboshi** ,H. Kobayashi* (Tottori Univ., Japan, *Tokushima Bunri Univ., Japan, **Sharp, Japan)

VHFp - 3

Visual Detection and Recognition of Objects under Low-Illuminance of Different Color Temperature
K. Inagaki, G. Ohashi, Y. Shimodaira (Shizuoka Univ., Japan)

VHFp - 8

Measurements of Time-Dependent Mura in LCD Manufacture
P.-Y. Tang, K.-H. Yang, S.-L. Ho, C.-H. Kuo*, Z.-J. Jhang*, K.-C. Chang* (HannStar Display, Taiwan, *Tainwan TFT LCD Assn., Taiwan)

OLEDp - 7

Fabrication of Organic Light Emitting Device on the Spray-CVD Derived Tin-Doped Indium Oxide Anode
S. Seki, M. Wakana, Y. Kasahara, T. Kondo, M. Wang, T. Uchida, M. Ohtsuka, Y. Sawada (Tokyo Polytech. Univ., Japan)

OLEDp - 19

Liquid Light-Emitting Display Based on Electrochemiluminescence with Interdigitated Microelectrodes
S. Enomoto, Y. Mizuno, N. Saito, Y. Kizaki, I. Amemiya, S. Uchikoga (Toshiba, Japan)

3Dp - 4

Projection-Type Depth Fused 3-D (DFD) Display
M. Date, H. Takada, S. Suyama, K. Tanaka, K. Nakazawa (NTT, Japan)

EPp - 1

Flow of LC and Migration of Fine Particle in Mobile Fine Particle Display (MFPD) Cells
K. Shimoyama, T. Takahashi, S. Saito, Y. Toko* (Kogakuin Univ., Japan , *Stanley Elec., Japan)

DESp - 9

A Preliminary Image Evaluation on MoMA-BTC (Mobile Multi-Level Adaptive Block Truncation Coding) for Small-Size Displays
H. Sasaki, H. Minamizaki, H. Okumura* (Toshiba Semiconductor, Japan, *Toshiba Res. Dev. Ctr., Japan)