IDW '08 Best Paper Award Winners


LCT9 - 1 Developments of FLCDs and Applications Utilizing Memory Effect
H. Amakawa, S. Kondoh (Citizen Holdings, Japan)
AMD7 - 3 Al-Zn-Sn-O Thin Film Transistors with Top and Bottom Gate Structure for AMOLED
D.-H. Cho, S.-H. Ko Park, S. Yang, C. Byun, S. M. Chung, W.-S. Cheong, J. Shin, M. K. Ryu, J. I. Lee, C.-S. Hwang, S. M. Yoon, H.-Y. Chu, K. I. Cho (ETRI, Korea)
FMC4 - 2 In-Cell Viewing Angle Compensation Using Pixelated Biaxial Retarders for VA-LCDs with No Color Shift
I. Amimori, S. Suzuki, H. Kaneiwa, M. Nakajima, K. Ito, H. Yoshino, W. Kaneko (FUJIFILM, Japan)
PDP3 - 3 Numerical Analysis of Density of Energy States for Electron Emission Sources in MgO
S. Ho, S. Nobuki, N. Uemura, S. Mori, T. Miyake, K. Suzuki, Y. Mikami, M. Shiiki, S. Kubo* (Hitachi, Japan, *Hitachi ULSI Syss., Japan)
PH1 - 2 Luminescence Properties of Eu2+-Doped Green-Emitting Sr-Sialon Phosphor and Its Application in White LEDs
Y. Fukuda, I. Mitsuishi, S. Nunoue (Toshiba, Japan)
FED1 - 2 Ultra-High Luminance FED
M. Nagao, T. Yoshida, K. Nakamura*, Y. Marushima*, M. Taniguchi*, S. Itoh*, S. Kanemaru (AIST, Japan, *Futaba, Japan)
OLED3 - 1 New Materials and New Device Structures for High Performance OLEDs
J. K. Noh, M. S. Kang, J. S. Kim, J. H. Lee, Y. H. Ham, J. B. Kim, M. K. Joo, S. Son (LG Chem., Korea)
3D3 - 5 Prototyping and Optical Evaluation of 9-in. OCB Time-Division-Multiplexing 18-View 3D Display
M. Kashiwagi, T. Saishu, K. Taira, H. Kobayashi, Y. Hirayama (Toshiba, Japan)
VHF3 - 1 ICDM Display Measurement Standard for Flat Panel Displays
J. Miseli (Sun Microsyss., USA)
MEMS1/LAD4 - 2 Compact, High Brightness Sequential LED Illumination for Projectors
C. L. Bruzzone, R. E. English Jr.* (3M, USA, *REE Optical Syss., USA)
MEMS5 - 2 Direct Excitation of Xenon by Ballistic Electrons Emitted from Nanocrystalline Silicon Planar Cathode and Vacuum-Ultraviolet Light Emission
T. Ichihara, T. Hatai, N. Koshida* (Panasonic Elec. Works, Japan, *Tokyo Univ. A&T, Japan)
DES2 - 2 Novel Algorithm for LCD Backlight Dimming by Simultaneous Optimization of Backlight Luminance and Gamma Conversion Function
M. Baba, R. Nonaka, G. Itoh, S. Araki*, S. Kawaguchi*, M. Takeoka*, K. Nakao* (Toshiba, Japan, *Toshiba Matsushita Display Tech., Japan)
FLX2 - 3L A 160 ppi All-printed Organic TFT Backplane for Flexible Electrophoretic Displays
K. Suzuki, K. Yutani, A. Onodera, T. Tano, H. Tomono, A. Murakami, M. Yanagisawa, K. Kameyama, I. Kawashima (Ricoh, Japan)
FLX5 - 3 5.8-in. Phosphorescent Color AM-OLED Display Driven by OTFTs on Plastic Substrate
M. Suzuki, H. Fukagawa, Y. Nakajima, T. Tsuzuki, T. Takei, T. Yamamoto, S. Tokito (NHK, Japan)



IDW '08 Outstanding Poster Paper Award Winners


LCTp1 - 12

Driving Characteristic of FLC Controlled by Using Asymmetric Alignment Method
N. Sawatari, M. Ishikawa, R. Harada, M. Okabe (Dai Nippon Printing, Japan)

LCTp2 - 11 Electro-Optical Device Using Electrospun Cellulose-Based Nanofibres
S. Kundu*, P. L. Almeida*,**, J. P. Borges*,***, M. H. Godinho*,***, J. L. Figueirinhas****,***** (*CENIMAT, Portugal, **EST/IPS, Portugal, ***New Univ. of Lisbon, Portugal, ****CFMC-UL, Portugal, *****Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal)
LCTp3 - 3 Effect of Concentration of Embedded LC Director in Electrolyte on Power Conversion Efficiency in DSSC
H. K. Kim, S.-H. Jin*, G.-D. Lee (Dong-A Univ., Korea, *Pusan Nat. Univ., Korea)
LCTp4 - 6 Leslie Viscosity Coefficients of Nematic LCs with Negative Dielectric Anisotropy Determined by Transient Current Technique
Y. Iwata, H. Naito, M. Inoue*, H. Ichinose**, M. Klasen-Memmer***, K. Tarumi*** (Osaka Pref. Univ., Japan, *Toyo, Japan, **Merck, Japan, ***Merck KGaA, Germany)
LCTp5 - 6 Orientation Measurement of LC Molecule Deposited on Rubbed Polyimide Film Used by Grazing-Incidence X-Ray Diffraction
T. Koganezawa, I. Hirosawa, H. Nameki, H. Ishii* (Japan Synchrotron Radiation Res. Inst., Japan, *Nissan Chem. Ind., Japan)
LCTp5 - 7 Comparison of Friction Characteristics on Alignment Films with Frictional Force Microscopy
M. S. Kwak, H. R. Chung, H. M. Kwon, J. H. Kim, D. K. Han, S. M. Lee, C. G. Lee, S. Y. Cha (LG Display, Korea)
AMDp2 - 7 Application of Laser Direct Writing to Organic-Based Passivation a-Si:H TFT-LCD
K.-H. Su, Z.-N. Chen, F.-W. Chang, Y.-C. Lai, M.-C. Wang, S.-W. Liang (Taiwan TFT LCD Assn., Taiwan)
AMDp3 - 1 Power Decoupled Driving Method for Large Size AMOLED Displays
S. M. Choi, C. G. Kang, E. J. Lee, H. G. Seo, D. H. Ryu, K. N. Kim, H. D. Kim (Samsung Mobile Display, Korea)
AMDp4 - 1 Dehydrogenation and Lateral Crystallization of Nanocrystalline Silicon Film Using Solid-State Continuous-Wave Green Laser
T. Sato, W. Umezu, K. Yamamoto*, A. Hara, K. Kitahara* (Tohoku-Gakuin Univ., Japan, *Shimane Univ., Japan)
AMDp7 - 5L Effective Deposition of Nanocrystalline Silicon Thin Films at 200 C by Catalytic CVD
T.-H. Kim, K.-M. Lee, J.-D. Hwang, Y. J. Lee, S. H. Won, J. H. Sok, K. W. Park, W.-S. Hong (Univ. of Seoul, Korea
FMCp - 5 Arc Discharge Optimization to Obtain High Current of Boron and Phosphorus Ion Beam from a Multi-Cusp Ion Source
Y. Inouchi, G. Takahashi, S. Dohi, M. Tanii, M. Konishi, M. Naito (Nissin Ion Equipment, Japan)
FMCp - 9 Novel Material for Coatable Negative C-Plate Retarder
T. Yamashita, S. Yoshida, M. Eguchi, J. Tsukamoto (Toray Ind., Japan)
FMCp - 16 Brightness-Enhancement Film Using a Single Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Layer
K. Tamura, K. Harai, Y. Fujino, K. Kawabata, K. Arakawa (ZEON, Japan)
FMCp - 33

Photosensitive Spin-on Glass Material with Phenyl Silsesquioxane (PSQ) Derivatives
Y. Tashiro, T. Iwata, T. Sekito, D. Yokoyama, T. Nonaka (AZ Elect. Materials Japan, Japan)

FMCp - 42L Improving Light Extraction Efficiency of Monolithically Fabricated Micropatterned Light Guide Plate
H.-S. Lee, H. Song, Y.-K. Mun, Y.-S. Choi, J.-H. Yeon*, J.-H. Lee*, J.-B. Yoon*, H.-Y. Choi, S. Lee (Samsung Elect., Korea, *KAIST, Korea)
PDPp - 7 Effect of a Pair of Annular Electrodes Buried in Rib on Coplanar Discharge in AC PDP
M. Kawamoto, M. Nishitani*, M. Kawasaki**, Y. Yamamoto**, K. Tachibana (Kyoto Univ., Japan, *Panasonic, Japan, **Toray Ind., Japan)
PDPp - 15 Driving Characteristics of Negative Waveform in AC PDPs during Reset and Address Periods
C. Eom, H. Lim, J. Lee, H. Park*, B. Kong*, S. Moon*, J. Kang (Dankook Univ., Korea, *LG Elect., Korea)
PDPp - 27L Direct Observation of Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation from AC-PDPs with Narrow Sustaining Electrode
F. Xing, G. Uchida, N. Awaji, H. Kajiyama, T. Shinoda (Hiroshima Univ., Japan)
PHp - 32L Photoluminescence in YPO4:Mn2+ Codoped with Various Tetravalent Cations Excited by VUV Radiation
M. Kitaura (Fukui Nat. College of Tech., Japan)
PHp - 33L Optical Properties of Red-Emitting Thin Film Phosphor Sputtered on Silica Microsphere Photonic Crystal Layer
J. Y. Han, H. S. Yoo, D. Y. Jeon (KAIST, Korea)
OLEDp - 7 Impedance Spectroscopy of Multilayer Organic Light-Emitting Diode
Y. Terao, K. Kawaguchi, M. Nishiura, H. Kimura*, T. Saito, M. Ichikawa**, T. Okachi***, H. Naito*** (Fuji Elec. Advanced Tech., Japan, *Fuji Electric Holdings, Japan, **Shinshu Univ., Japan, ***Osaka Pref. Univ., Japan)
OLEDp - 22 Horizontal Dipping Method for Simple Fabricating OLEDs
B. Park, M.-Y. Han, M. Kim, C. H. Park, Y. I. Lee (Kwangwoon Univ., Korea)
3Dp - 6 Depth Perception for Moving Pictures Shown on a Large LED Display with an Aperture Grille
H. Yamamoto*, H. Nishimura*,**, K. Uchida*,***, K. Ono*,****, Y. Hayasaki*,*****, S. Suyama* (*Univ. of Tokushima, Japan, **Toshiba, Japan, ***Victor of Japan, Japan, ****Panasonic, Japan, *****Utsunomiya Univ., Japan)
VHFp - 1

The Proposal of Correction Method of Color-Matching Functions Using Genetic Algorithm
S. Ozaki, Y. Tokuda, G. Ohashi, Y. Shimodaira (Shizuoka Univ., Japan)

VHFp - 5

Subjective Evaluation for Indistinct Mura of LED Backlight
Y. Masakura, T. Tamura, K. Nagamine*, S. Tomioka* (Tokyo Polytechnic Univ., Japan, *Sony, Japan)

EPp - 7L Development of Fast Moving Ball Actuator Mode for Electronic-Paper Displays
D. Kim, H. Choi, D. Lee, M. Hong, S. Kim*, J. Lee*, B. Bae*, D. Jung**, B. Kim**, C. Lee** (Korea Univ., Korea, *Hoseo Univ., Korea, **Dongjin Semichem, Korea)
DESp - 3 LCD Power Saving Using Adaptive Global Backlight Dimming
M. Chen, H. J. Peng, W. Zhang, W. H. Niu, C.-K. Hung, G. P. Qiu (ASTRI, Hong Kong)
DESp - 5 Adaptive Local Dimming Backlight for Liquid-Crystal Displays
J.-Y. An, S.-E. Kim, W.-J. Song, T.-W. Lee*, C.-G. Kim* (POSTECH, Korea, *LG Display, Korea)