IDW '23




The I-DEMO (Innovative Demonstration Session) is an opportunity to demonstrate, discuss and experience technical aspects of new technology prototypes, proofs of concept, leading edge devices, and state-of-the-art software techniques in a special exhibit area.

In IDW ’23, the I-DEMO is open to all oral and poster presenters as well as I-DEMO only presenters. Please demonstrate your prototype in the dedicated I-DEMO area.
Note that due to limited space, selection of applications may be competitive. Evaluation criteria for selection includes relevance to the scopes of IDW ’23, scientific and technical significance, and impact on interdisciplinary research.
After evaluations based on the proposal, the IDW program committee will assign a demonstration on a day during IDW ’23, which will avoids your presentation if you have a paper presentation.

The I-DEMO is an opportunity to experience and discuss technical aspects but not to advertise your affiliation, products, or anything of that nature. If you would prefer to make an advertisement, we offer the “IDW ’23 Exhibition”, in which you can advertise your products or companies/organizations for three days.

  • Date & Time (tentative)
     Dec. 6th (12:30-16:30)
     Dec. 7th (12:30-16:30)
     Dec. 8th (10:00-14:00)
  • Venue: Exhibition Hall

  • Please submit your I-DEMO proposal in the requested form.
  • We make our evaluations based on the proposal.
  • After acceptance notification, you are required to submit publication materials, which consist of a short abstract, representative pictures, and questionnaire on estimated power consumption and chairs.

Note that we cannot deal with any special requests such as a dark room or a soundproof room in IDW ’23. Please prepare your demonstration so that it can be performed in the exhibition hall.

Three steps for I-DEMO presentation


  1. Demo proposal submission
    Please complete the demo proposal (form and example) and submit it from this page.
    The submitted information will be used only for the review but will not be published.
  2. Publication material submission
    Please submit the following information.
    All submitted materials will be published on our website and proceedings. The submission site will be announced after the acceptance notification.
    1. A 100 words abstract
    2. (Recommended) A representative picture
      • File format must be either .png or .jpg
      • Image resolution must be 640 x 480
  3. Transportation questionnaire
    This will be announced after the acceptance notification.

The following table summarizes the schedule related to the I-DEMO.

Date 1st Call for I-DEMO 2nd Call for I-DEMO 3rd Call for I-DEMO
Sept. 5 Demo proposal deadline - -
Sept. 20 Acceptance notification - -
Oct. 6 - Demo proposal deadline -
Oct. 13 - Acceptance notification -
Oct. 18 Publication material deadline - -
Oct. 20 - - Demo proposal deadline
Oct. 27 - - Acceptance notification
Late October Publish on the IDW website - -
Oct. 31 - Publication material deadline -
Early November - Publish on the IDW website -
Nov. 10 - - Publication material deadline
Mid-November - - Publish on the IDW website
Mid-November Instructions provided
Demo environment

The standard environment is described as follows. If you have any special requests on the environments, please describe them in the demo proposal form.

  • Poster board: 2.7 m (W) x 2.1 m (H)
  • Demo area: 2.7 m (W) x 2.1 m (H) x 1.5 m (D)
  • A desk: 1.8 m (W) x 0.7 m (H) x 0.6 m (D)
  • A chair
  • Power
    • Up to 600W
    • 100V/50Hz
    • Two Type A sockets (Please prepare your own plug adapter, if necessary.)

Note: If you would prefer to use a darkroom environment, you will need to prepare this yourself and describe your plan in the demo proposal form. Please note that you must satisfy the Fire Service Act.