IDW '23


Instructions for Preparing Manuscript

Template and Bad Example

The manuscript format of Technical Summary for review and the Camera-Ready manuscript for the proceedings are the same. The authors must use the Manuscript Template File (Word, PDF). We strongly encourage you to review the Bad Example so you will be aware of the mandatory sections, formatting requirements, font requirements, etc.

Format and Style of Manuscript
Page Size

The page size is A4. The top, left, right, and bottom margins must be 25 mm, 20 mm, 20 mm and 35 mm, respectively. Allow 10 mm for the column spacing.

Page Length

The maximum number of pages for the manuscript is four including text and figures/tables/photographs, and at least two pages must be filled up.

Font Size and Typefaces

Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial typefaces are recommended. The detailed font styles are listed below.

Item Font size Style
Title 16 point Helvetica/Arial Bold, title case, center
Authors' name 13 point Helvetica/Arial Bold, center
Corresponding author's e-mail Address 9 point center
Author's affiliations 9 point center
Keywords 9 point center
Abstract 9+ point Italic, justify
Main text 9+ point justify
First & second level headings 9+ point Bold, w/arabic numeral, justify-left
Headers and Footers

No header or footer is allowed for the authors to put in the manuscript. No page numbers may be included. The official headers for the paper identifiers and the footers for the page numbers will be added later by the committee.


The title of your paper should be placed at the top center of the manuscript. The formatting for the title is 16 pt. Helvetica or Arial Bold in title case (the first letter of every word should be capital except prepositions, conjunctions and articles). Any use of commercial products names or registered trademarks in the title is strictly prohibited.

Authors' Names

The authors' names should be written in full and center placed just below the title. The formatting is 13 pt. Helvetica or Arial Bold font. The name of the presenting author must be underlined.

Corresponding Author's e-mail Address

The corresponding author's e-mail address should be written just below the authors' names as in this template.

Authors' Affiliations

The affiliations and postal addresses of all the authors are placed just below the corresponding author's e-mail address as in this template. Different affiliations should be distinguished by superscript numbers (1, 2, ...).


Please list three to five keywords for your works presented in the paper centered just below the Authors' Affiliations.


A 35-50 word summary of the work is required in the first section after the title, authors, and affiliation information. Abstract should succinctly summarize the main findings and highlight the significance of the data.
The same summary text should be copy and pasted into the Abstract text field on the submission page.
The abstract of the accepted papers will be published in the Final Program on the IDW web site.

Main Text

Main text part in two-column format should be assembled in the following sequence:

(1) Introduction
Introduction should include a brief review of relevant work citing key references, and objectives of the work.

(2) Method, Experiment
New methods or specific experimental methods must be described in detail.

(3) Results and Discussion
Present and discuss results concisely, using tables and figures, comparing with previous work.

(4) Conclusions
The main conclusions of the study should be presented in a separate section.

(5) References
References should be listed and numbered in the order in which they are cited in the text.

The headings of all sections, including introduction, methods, results, discussions, and conclusion must be numbered.
Subsections (and sub-subsections) could be composed as necessary, and should also be hierarchically numbered as "x.y(.z)"

Figures & Tables

All figures and tables must be captioned with a figure or table number. Place the caption for a figure below the graphic; for a table, above.
Colored figures will be kept as prepared.